Sunspec monitoring modbus over tcp

I decided to share a evaluation copy of my Sunspec monitoring over tcp program for the Wemos d1 version(!).

If there is enough interest for the unlimited version (please react on the youtube comments) i will setup a distribution for the unlimited version for a small fee (paypal) because i need a lot of coffee of course for developping updates which will be at no charge.

There is no evaluation version of the firmware anymore. From this version the firmware has a 30-day evaluation period. After this period functions are limited only to register. After registering succesfully all functions are restored. You can buy a license with the paypal button beneath the downloads. Licenses are lifetime valid also with future updates.

I used in this case a Wemos D1 (see youtube video). SPIIFS memory must be configured for 1Mb. There is a hd44780 based lcd 20x4 connected with PCF8574 to i2c which adress must be 0x27. A optional button for extra functions (see documentation) is connected to D6 (12).

Compatible sunspec inverters

List of compatible inverters


* The flash images are only for Lolin(Wemos) D1,D2 & Mini 4M (1M SPIFFS)
==== New ==== ESP32 version ==== New ====

0.95 Detailed description (un)wanted reboots cause in system.log. Esp32 has new core.

0.94 Prevented timesync when bad connection with ntp server (year 2036 problem), improved stability issues.

0.93 Stability improvements. Intervalmodus now saved in config. Added extra interval modi.

0.92 Esp8266 has new core, stability improvements. Esp32 has also new functions as esp8266.

0.91 Added selecting Inverter-id's from 1-3. Added choice between 5 global timeservers. Pimped up the configiration user-interface.

0.90 Added global timezone support. Timezone 0-2 has DST adjusting automaticly (WET, CET & EET). Other timezones have to adjust DST by changing timezone.

Enable Mod-TCP.rtf
ch341.rar (Windows 10 driver for the ch340 connection with the Wemos D1, D2 & Mini)
ESP8266Flasher_x86.rar (32-bit Flash program for windows 10*)
ESP8266Flasher_x64.rar (64-bit Flash program for windows 10*)


if no button is connected, you still need a pullup resistor on D6 otherwise the program keeps getting in AP modus!!!

This software and manual is copyright protected, for personal use only and may not be distributed for money or any kind without permission of the author.

If you like the software and want your device fully functional after evaluation period you can register with paypal button below.
You will receive a email with a license code which is connected with the email of your paypal account and send to this email adress.

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1x License Sunspec monitoring modbus-tcp 50€ 25€.

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We are not responsible for any damage to equipment or whatever.