Wennekes' Webprojects

Rene Wennekes My name is Rene and i'm a CIW certified Master Designer from 27th November 2009. Writing methodes are strict html, php, css and javascript. My goal in programming is just not making a website but build the code in a way mainting the website is automated. This means for example instead of programming menu link as static html i use php to read out the information of the menu items and let php take over the menu items. The result is a small step way from a proper cms system.
In 2011 i started a project called Izifolio, a cms based image gallery for photographers. This is a fully based cms system because i completed it with a configuration and a upload page for the images.

But because of my experience of programming and the results of hours of brainteasing and the help of my colleages too, i decided to share of my handy scripts to the public in the same way the public helped me. The scripts are mostly common but i hope i presented it in a way every newbie could understand.