Solaredge monitoring modbus over tcp

I decided to share a evaluation copy of my Solaredge monitoring over tcp program for the Wemos d1 version(!).

If there is enough interest for the unlimited version (please react on the youtube comments) i will setup a distribution for the unlimited version for a small fee (paypal) because i need a lot of coffee of course for developping updates which will be at no charge.

I used in this case a Wemos D1 (see youtube video). SPIIFS memory configured for 1Mb. There is a hd44780 based lcd 20x4 connected with PCF8574 to i2c which adress must be 0x27. A button for activating AP modus is connected to D6 (12).

Enable Mod-TCP.rtf

This software and manual is copyright protected, for personal use only and may not be distributed for money or any kind without permission of the author.

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